The ‘ghost town’ of Kolmanskop lies just outside of Lüderitz, between the rolling dunes of the Namib Desert and the diamond-rich Sperrgebiet region in southwestern Namibia. When diamonds were first discovered here in 1908, the town sprang up quickly and was soon incredibly rich. It had its own power station, theatre, casino and ice factory and in the first 6 years over a ton of diamonds were extracted!

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For a short while, the town boasted the highest wealth per capita in the world. But the diamond deposits were not to last and many moved on when new discoveries were made further south. In 1956 the town was abandoned completely and with nobody left to sweep the streets, the sand inevitably returned.

Nowadays the remaining buildings are half buried in thick sand and visitors can get a permit on arrival to walk through the eery ruins. If you’re a keen photographer then don’t miss the chance to explore. There are some wonderful opportunities for unusual, evocative images.