South Africa’s Waterberg is the largest district in the country’s Limpopo Province, a beautiful expanse of mountainous African bushveld, dotted with game parks and scattered here and there with small rural towns. Just a few hours drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria it’s a popular weekend destination for locals, although the range of accommodation and the distances between them means the region never feels crowded.

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Stunning sandstone cliffs tower over the plains, with smaller koppies (rocky outcrops) standing sentinel between. All of Southern Africa’s iconic species can be found in the region’s parks and reserves, and the variety of habitats supports numerous species of birds. Visitors can choose from a range of accommodation, from secluded bush campsites to exclusive five-star luxury lodges.

Although the Waterberg is often overlooked by overlanders, it’s well worth exploring – you can leave Johannesburg at lunch time and be in a private bush campsite by dusk. The Waterberg also makes an excellent stopover for longer journeys, a useful first night or two before crossing into Botswana or Zimbabwe.