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Alu-Cab’s off-road adventure with Avis Safari Rental

Avis Safari Rental 4×4 was recently featured in Alu-Cab’s newsletter. Here’s an extract from the publication:

“Here I am, sitting cramped in the economy class on a return flight from Perth, Australia. My third show just completed in the space of one month. I don’t even know where to begin…

It all started with the launch of The Ossewa at the Beeld Show in Johannesburg. We had with us, our key European dealers and partners here in SA, who then joined us on a product testing journey into the Botswana bush. Avis Safari Rental joined us for both the Beeld Show and the bush excursion, we had eight vehicles – every single one of them fully-equipped with Alu-Cab products. Thank you to Bruce King and Martin Steer, from Avis Safari Rental, for this. It was a huge success and I believe that we’ve left a lasting impression on our guests. Not only due to the fact that they got to experience the full range of Alu-Cab products in action but more importantly, that they got to experience the African bush. We took them into the Kalahari and showed them Lakubu Island. A breathtaking island of granite rock and baobab trees, in the middle of massive pans, with nothing around. It almost felt like a spiritual shrine to the gods.

What was special for me, barring being in the bush (my happiest place), was that we got to take our new four-sleeper Ossewa’s, out to play. And play we did. This is our new four-sleeper camper, designed for Avis Safari Rental. I have to say that it surpassed all our expectations. We never expected it to tick as many of the boxes as it does. I haven’t been this excited about one of our products, since our Icarus conversion.”

Enjoy a video explaining Avis Safari Rentals below:

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