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Tracks4Africa started out as a hobby in the year 2000 when a few like-minded people began to share their GPS tracks and waypoints with each other. In the absence of any useful maps for GPS navigation in Africa, the hobby grew into a community, with increasing numbers of African travellers sharing their travel experiences with one another.

Tracks4Africa, the company, was established in the year 2003 to act as the custodian of this vault of community data. In doing so, Tracks4Africa, or T4A, started to build a unique map of Africa using community contributed GPS data exclusively. This map forms the basis of T4A GPS Maps and all other products the company develops today.

In the year 2005 Tracks4Africa began selling T4A GPS Maps to people outside the Tracks4Africa community of data gatherers. The company found a unique balance between crowd-sourced data, community-driven development and a sustainable commercial model.

Today the company is owned and managed by Wouter Brand and Johann Groenewald who have taken on the task of making Africa visible and accessible to the world.

Tracks4Africa (Pty) Ltd is a South African registered company with its head office in Stellenbosch. Contact Tracks4Africa for more information about their range of GPS and paper maps and services. Overland360 and Avis Safari Rental are proud to offer Tracks4Africa enabled GPS devices as an optional extra in all their 4×4 safari rental vehicles.


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