Stephen is Overland360’s general manager. He has had a passion for the wild side of Africa for many years and as a keen traveler has had the opportunity to drive to the most wonderful destinations in Southern Africa. He believes that the closer you get to nature, the closer you get to your soul.

Martin was born and raised on the north coast of Zululand and learned to drive on the remote beaches at the age of 10 in a VW Beetle “beach buggy”, made by his father from electricians conduit and sheet metal. Ever since, 4×4 overlanding has been a way of life and he has adventured extensively across Southern Africa’s safari territory. Having been the founding partner of Avis Safari with a fleet of 110 premium safari vehicles under exclusive license from Avis global, Martin established Overland360 six years ago with business partner Stephen Becker to offer a specialised guided safari tour service.

Gill Steer is an accomplished African overlander, camping and traversing the length and breadth of southern Africa. There are not many places she hasn’t travelled to or through and after a successful 25-year career in publishing and photography Gill is now an important member of the Overland360 team.

South African singer/songwriter/entertainer, Clint Cunningham, has over 30 years’ experience touring Southern Africa as an entertainer with his band Clint & Co. His love for 4×4 & off-road motorcycle adventures has furnished him with extensive insider knowledge of South Africa’s hidden gems. Clint is a natural born entertainer with a huge love for the outdoors. He enjoys nothing more than to share these passions with his guests.