Testimonial – Sheryl & Royce

Guided, self-drive safari: Namibia, Botswana & Victoria Falls

Hi Stephen

Can’t believe we have now been back from our Namibia/Botswana/Vic Falls Adventure for over 2 months: still feeling charged with the excitement of it all. We can’t thank you enough for the effort you had obviously put it to ensure everything ran so smoothly and that each day was full of wonderful new experiences for us all. We will always have such fond memories of the animals (so lucky to have seen all of the big 5), the scenery, the 4wd driving, the fun and friendships shared, and your voice over the 2-way radio with: “I can’t find the *&^%$%#@* road!”

Also thanks for your wonderful camp cooking: we’re about to head off for a caravanning holiday with some friends and your lamb pita breads with hummus and tzatziki sauce, and the garlic-stuffed roasted pumpkin are definitely on the menu.

We have nearly finished preparing our Photobooks: Yes, I’m afraid it is plural! Tried to keep to our preferred one book per holiday, but so much happened every day that we really wanted to capture, so we failed dismally and have gone to one book for Namibia and one for Botswana/Vic Falls. We’ve attached a few pics: Royce on Van Zyl’s Pass; the gang on one of the safaris from Elephant Lodge, the great night at Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek, the ”road” to Quarry Hill, and “hippo-central” at our Magotha campsite.

This is the first time in our travelling career that we have returned from somewhere new and wanted to go back almost immediately to the same place! Jim tells us you are looking at putting together more guided packages – perhaps including several areas of Botswana we did not visit. Our current thinking is that we would love to get back to Africa in 2021 or thereabouts so please do keep us informed on anything on your horizon that might work for us. I think there is a fair chance the rest of our group will be on board too!

Very best wishes, Sheryl and Royce
Guided, self-drive safari: Namibia, Botswana & Victoria Falls

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